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What Makes the Solution Unique?

There are a number of unique characteristics which delineate the IPPS.NET system from other HR-Payroll systems. These characteristics include:

  1. Designed, built and maintained exclusively for Ontario School Districts
  2. Full integration of all modules
  3. A contemporary graphical user interface that conforms to Microsoft Standards
  4. Maximum user data control
  5. Audit Trail of Changes (all transactions are date, time-stamped)
  6. Multi-level access security
  7. Date sensitive transactions for retro calculation and roll back
  8. Employee group and position based
  9. Multiple group single payroll set up
  10. Automatic retro pay calculation
  11. Subject entity capabilities
  12. Multiple pay frequencies, unlimited pay calendars
  13. Model deduction group concept
  14. Context sensitive help capability
  15. Menu driven
  16. Full history support, any number of years
  17. Employee Self Service Web Access
  18. Supported by a team of experts, dedicated to the product
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