Multiple Options and Formats for Training



Kompanion Training

Once Keous has Designed and Developed a solution, Keous provides multiple options and formats for training through its Kompanion IT Training System™ in order to ensure a smooth adoption process for our clients in a wide variety of learning styles.

For functional training Keous suggests a foundation that consists of half-day Navigation/Feature sessions using an Interactive/Question and Answer format.

For technical training, Keous suggests half-day Technical Foundations course that would cover system structure, hosting and system administration. This would be followed by an additional half-day Interactive/Question and Answer technical session.

Training Services

Options for training will include, but are not limited to:

a)  Webinars – which can encompass multiple clients.
b)  Recorded training sessions – for remote users
c)  Workshops – which are a good venue for demonstrating solutions and handling questions
d)  Interactive overviews/demonstrations
e)  On-site – scheduled times with the client providing wide knowledge transfer or specific training for new modules.
f)  Hands on – classroom style; best suited for introducing a new module, or a large upgrade

Train the Trainer – will be designed to educate an assigned client employee who then passes that

a)  Knowledge to appropriate client employee (for example, as new releases are deployed)
b)  One-on-one – highly effective for both the trainer and the trainee, in both a functional and technical environment. Not
     only does this provide personalized training for the user, but offers an opportunity for the trainer to acquaint
     with the individual. Going forward – this is an important aspect of customer support.
c)  Process Documentation – for client and department users

Focus and User Groups

Focus and User Groups, although not a ‘training’ platform, do provide a forum for the implementation phases, as well as for interaction between users and vendors. User’s sharing their experiences with other users inspires awareness and creates a common goal in the community.


Keous will keep its online system and user documentation current with the software using a simple and comprehensive content development, deployment, and maintenance package. By adopting a life-cycle approach from the beginning of the project, Keous will ensure that the documentation is kept current and always represents the latest version of the software.

System and functional documentation will be provided with the system and will be maintained and redistributed for all new releases, bulletins, enhancements, and patches.

New - Kompanion User Productivity System™

• Real time training development system builds documentation and training during the software development phase;
  Training is ready when development is ready.
• Users can then receive self directed interactive training through the web.





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