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Founded in 1975, Microsoft is the worldwide leader in software, services and solutions that help people and businesses realize their full potential.

IPPS.net is built using Microsoft .net, SharePoint and SQL Server technologies and is fully compliant with current Microsoft technology standards. This technology platform offers a safe and secured investment for the corporation, a user interface that is familiar to users, seamless integration with standard office systems and processes, and tools and standards that enable the system to communicate and integrate with other internal and external systems.

The IPPS Suite has been in production in Ontario for over 15 years and was recently re-written on the Microsoft .net (dot net) platform. During that re-write all functionality developed over the life of the product was retained, with new functionality and interfaces developed to take advantage of contemporary technologies. Being built on the Microsoft .net (dot net) framework, means that it is fully compliant with Microsoft’s architecture standards for distributed multi-tier and WEB software applications. The Employee Portal is built on Microsoft’s SharePoint Services Portal framework.”

Educational Computing Network of Ontario (ECNO).

The Educational Computing Network of Ontario is a non-profit Information Technology Cooperative of Ontario School Districts.

In 2005, Keous was contracted by ECNO to complete the migration of their Human Resources Management System (IPPS) from its legacy OpenVMS and Oracle technology platform to the Microsoft .net platform. As part of the project Keous also made the software compatible with Microsoft SQL Server database management, totally re-developed the User Interface and incorporated a number of functionality improvements as identified by the IPPS User Community.

In September of 2007, with the successful completion of the IPPS migration project, ECNO engaged Keous in a multi-year services agreement to provide software maintenance and end-user support to the ECNO member Boards using the IPPS.net Suite.

As a technology services partner to ECNO, Keous provides marketing, implementation and support services for the IPPS.net solution.


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