Customized Cloud Creation



Keous Kloud

The Keous Kloud is a customized cloud creation from Keous Solutions Inc to fulfil the Mission Critical needs of its education sector clients. The Keous Kloud is able to accommodate a wide variety of solutions regardless of their structure. 

The Keous Kloud is a fully managed Kloud environment and offers SaaS solutions to fit the clients needs.

Keous Kloud

Remote Management (for Local-hosted and Cloud Solutions)

• First level Support for System Issues
• Problem Resolution and or Recommendations
• Apply upgrades
• Apply infrastructure updates
• Production Support Services

Disaster Services and Site

Keous will offer a Disaster Recovery Facility for clients in our Kloud, with a working/production environment to run and execute their solution:

• Mirroring - Redundancies – No down time
• Emergency Space - 80 Disaster Recovery Workstations





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