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At Keous, our mission is to help educators and students realize their full potential, not just now, but in the future. Microsoft has designed software to amplify the effort of every teacher, administrator and IT professional, assisting each of them to helping each of them make the greatest possible contribution to their institution's success.

Keous Services can assist School Districts and Higher Education Institutions to apply Microsoft’s array of communication and collaboration tools to expand the education workspace and to enhance the learning experience. These tools can also assist administrators to effectively manage the significant number of school district and campus stakeholders including educators, students, parents, alumni and others.  

Keous Services will team up with your School District, College or University to lead the process, step by step, from concept phase, through System architecture, designing and testing, and on-going operational support.
As part of their on-going commitment to education work-wide, Microsoft offers attractive and cost-effective programs for School Districts, Colleges and Universities. Many enterprises have engaged in education-specific licensing programs with Microsoft that often include access to many of the tools and services offered by Microsoft.

Keous Solution Center for Education:
Featured Microsoft solutions

  1. Unified communications: Help educators, administrators, and staff members streamline communications, regardless of medium, platform, device, or location.
  2. Live@edu: Help your students collaborate on campus, and create a community that lasts a lifetime
  3. Web portals for Higher Education: Connect everyone in your learning community to the people, information, and resources they need, when they need them.
  4. Web portals for K-12: Connect everyone in your learning community to the people, information, and resources they need, when they need them.

Managing the Institution

  1. Business Intelligence for Higher Education: Deliver the data and tools necessary to optimize performance across your institution.
  2. Education analytics for K–12: Unlock data to help administrators and teachers make better decisions.
  3. Constituent Relationship Management (CRM): Simplify the way you manage relationships with students, faculty, alumni, and others, using familiar and flexible tools from Microsoft.
  4. Human Resource & Payroll Management
  5. Financial management: Gain full control of your school, district, or university financial management, reporting, and regulatory compliance.
  6. Streamline organization processes: Automate processes to help save time and money and to help improve regulatory compliance.


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