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colage is an integrated HR Software Suite that includes the following modules: 

    1. Human Resources Management
    2. Payroll Management
    3. Contract Negotiations
    4. Employee Appraisals
    5. Employee Self-service WEB Portal is a comprehensive suite of HR Payroll software and is a scalable application that can be implemented in various sizes of organizations. Our current clients range in size from about 300 employees to over 10,000 employees. is built using Microsoft .net, SharePoint and SQL Server technologies and is fully compliant with current Microsoft technology standards. This technology platform offers a safe and secured investment for the corporation, a user interface that is familiar to users, seamless integration with standard office systems and processes, and tools and standards that enable the system to communicate and integrate with other internal and external systems.

The IPPS Suite has been in production in Ontario for over 15 years and was recently re-written on the Microsoft .net (dot net) platform. During that re-write all functionality developed over the life of the product was retained, with new functionality and interfaces developed to take advantage of contemporary technologies. provides a unique solution and an unparalleled value proposition for Canadian Public and Not-for-Profit organizations because: is the most comprehensive HR-Payroll System available for School Boards and School Districts across Canada. Developed specifically by and for Ontario Boards, is designed to meet and exceed the unique and often complex requirements for these types of organizations right out of the box. The system supports multiple collective agreements; salaried, hourly and daily paid employees; unlimited pay calendars; and multiple positions/job assignments for a single employee. produces one T4 for each employee regardless the number of unique of positions, job assignments or locations worked; is supported by a strong and active user community;

A major strategic focus for is the implementation of an Employee Self Service model through the deployment of HR services over the WEB. The Employee portal is designed to provide employee information and specific directly to employees via the World Wide WEB or an internal intranet. These services include the ability to view and maintain specific employee data; on-line pay remittance stubs; on-line access to vacation and sick bank balances; remote entry of employee absences, vacations and time sheets; and on-line entry of criminal offence declarations. has been built on the Microsoft .net (dot net) framework and is fully compliant with Microsoft’s architecture standards for distributed multi-tier and WEB software applications. The Employee Portal is built on Microsoft’s SharePoint Services Portal framework. The program of focused School Board applications functionality, backed by a comprehensive software support and development program provides a comprehensive, cost-effective value proposition for any School Board or School District.


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