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Human Resource Management

Employee Information is designed to manage the Human Resources data for all employees for the full life cycle of their employment with the organization including:

  1. Application and hiring,
  2. Payroll
  3. Compensation management
  4. Absence and vacation management
  5. Benefits administration
  6. Professional development and job changes
  7. Collective agreement negotiations and administration

The system also manages the payments to and administration of benefits for employees who are on extended leaves or have retired from the Organization.

Benefits Administration
The system provides a full range of features to control and manage benefits including:

  1. The ability to setup and administer benefits by employee groups
  2. The ability to handle life and flat amount benefits
  3. Employer and employee share deductions
  4. Multiple optional and mandatory benefits
  5. Track employee life insurance beneficiaries
  6. The ability to insure dependents

Benefit plans can be set up for specific employee groups as well as for specific employees and employees are enrolled in these plans as part of the hiring process.The system allows employees to increase or opt-out of specific benefit coverage as well as to continue benefit coverage with the employer after termination or retirement.

Unions and Professional Associations
The system can accommodate multiple union groups and associated payment and benefit plans.

Union dues can be setup as deductions. Union dues can be reported by union for remittance. If your unions accept magnetic submissions for reporting of remittances, these can generally be accommodated.Salary grids can be setup to automatically drive salary increases based on seniority or pre-determined dates.Retroactive negotiated pay increases can be back dated and retro pay is calculated automatically.

Contract Management and Negotiations Support
The Contract Negotiation System is an optional add-on module to The module provides the capability to do“what-if” modeling when major labour contracts are being negotiated. The system allows you to extract a sub-set of employees and to change payroll and salary grid parameters to see the impact on the payroll. The sub-system provides the following main features:

  1. Full integration with Human Resources
  2. Create employee files, to work off-line without effecting current processes
  3. Perform "what if?” scenarios
  4. Generate and print reports
  5. Automatically generate and update new salary and allowance grids
  6. Generate budget data (Journal Entries) for Financial and Budgeting Software

Leave of Absence Tracking
Salaried and timesheet employees can be allocated to temporary leaves. Leaves can be paid or unpaid. Benefits can be suspended or continued during the leave, including deduction of employer and employee share for benefit payments.

Because all payment and deduction codes are activated based on start and end dates, leaves can be setup in advance and effected automatically.

Training and Development stores qualifications and certifications information about the employee. This information includes formal education (degrees, diplomas and certificates) as well as training courses and certifications completed by the employee.

For formal degrees and diplomas the user can define course codes and then track course type, description, owner, institution, honours (Y or N) and date. For certifications, qualifications, and other courses the system tracks description, issue date, expiry date, subject, and institute.In some cases this information can be uploaded from professional organizations or from third party training management systems.

Performance Management currently provides fields to log and maintain appraisal information and results. The system also provides a generic import to allow appraisal information to be imported from third-party appraisal systems. In May 2009, Keous released a new add-on module to called the Employee Appraisal System (or EASy). EASy is a full-function employee appraisal system designed to allow managers and supervisors to enter, update and manage employee appraisals through the Employee WEB Portal.

The system is designed to manage employees by groups and affiliations and to control parameters for pay increases and benefits by multiple collective agreements. Employees can exist simultaneously in multiple groups, with multiple job classifications and work in multiple locations.The system provides a number of features for managing staff including:

  1. Approved leaves
  2. Qualifications
  3. Seniority and service
  4. Position and assignments
  5. Terminations
  6. Criminal background checks and offence declarations
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