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ESS Portal

WEB accessibility for employees and the ability to provide a "Self Service " capability for employees has been a major strategic direction for the IPPS Suite for the past number of years. By providing employees with anytime-anywhere access to their own data, HR departments can not only provide better service to their employees, but also reduce the amount of manual work within the HR office.

The suite currently includes an Employee Portal called iME Portal. It is a prerequisite that you license to access the iME Portal. This portal provides secured access to employee information as well as a gateway for specific HR-Payroll functions that need to be distributed.

The Portal was designed specifically to facilitate Employee Self Service (ESS) and is built on Microsoft’s Sharepoint Services Portal framework.Through the Portal, employees can view their own data such as names and addresses, pay rates, deduction information, benefits and beneficiaries, and vacation and sick banks. Organizations may optionally allow employees to update specific demographic, banking and beneficiary data. Access to update capabilities is parameter driven and if permitted, detailed audit trails are kept of all changes entered by an employee.

Employees can also enter timesheets, vacation requests and absences over the WEB. All employee transactions are subject to a review and approval process before being committed to the database.Employees can view their pay stubs over the WEB. Detailed remittances can be viewed for current and past pay periods. This facility can provide considerable cost savings to the Employer, by eliminating the need to distribute hard copy pay stubs to employees. Employees also benefit significantly from the convenience of being able to view a record of their remittances.

Some examples of the advantages of Employee Self Service

  1. Making employee pay-stubs available over the WEB provides added value to employees by allowing them to retain and view a detailed history of their pays and deductions. Eliminating the need to produce and distribute hard-copy remittance slips significantly reduces the cost and effort to produce the payroll.
  2. Employees are afforded anywhere, anytime access to their own employment and payroll information. In a recent (real life) example of this benefit, an employee is in her bank manager’s office applying for a mortgage. The bank manager needs a copy of a recent pay slip. Using the bank manager’s computer, the employee logs into her account on the Employee Portal and then prints a copy of her last pay slip on the printer in the bank manger’s office.
  3. Allowing employees to enter future absences over the WEB makes it possible for them to enter planned vacation and/or planned extended absences. The transactions are presented to the employee’s supervisor for approval, allowing the supervisor to plan accordingly
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