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Best practices for software design and development



Kustom Design and Development

Keous uses Keous Kustom™ best practices for software design and development, ensures the success in the Design and Development, regardless of the software development model.


The architecture model depends on the client’s requirements, target users and deployment environments. Using best practices for software design increases the applications’ efficiency and lower maintenance cost.


Keous uses the most recent technologies in developing applications. We always seek for the most suitable tools to build applications to enhance the user’s experience. Keous works with the customer, assesses their needs and chooses the “right” development tools for the nature of the clients application, target environment, and requirements.

Development Process

An example of one of our waterfall techniques.

Development Process


Testing and Quality Assurance

Keous Solutions Inc. Believes that quality testing is as important as building a well-designed quality software. Therefore, the Keous teams perform different kinds of testing on its products to ensure the quality of the software. Test-Driven Development (TDD) techniques are used to make sure that all client requirements are captured in the test scripts before writing the code itself. A significant program of technical testing is performed to deliver a solid, flawless software; this program includes Unit Testing, Validation Testing, Integration Testing, Regression Testing, Parallel Testing, Browser/Device Testing, and Internal and External Independent Penetration Testing. Testing results are documented during this process, and Testing scripts are being prepared to be sent to the client for their UAT.

Excellent Post Launch Experience

Keous further compliments its excellence in Design and Development by ensuring an Excellent Post Launch Experience by:

• Applying systems to smoothing the transition from their current platform to the rewritten software.
• Migrating Databases
• IT Management (Support)
• Implementation Training.




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